Saturday, October 2, 2010

New Baby Sets!

 I am selling these baby sets included is a decorated onesie with a ruffle bottom, baby leg warmers and a headband that all matches!
I am also making hats with bear ears to go with the set if that is something you would want!  

I am willing to do special orders, so I can get the size of the onesie correct and whatever color you would need.  I have some baby leg warmers for boys as well!  They are super cute and can be used as arm warmers with a short sleeved shirt or onesie!

Beanie w/ Brim

I made this hat for my nephew that just turned 3...So CUTE!

Fun Headbands

Monday, August 30, 2010

Newest Shoes

Don't these look so comfy!?

Blessing Dress

I designed and made my daughter's blessing dress, shoes, and headband.  It turned out perfect for our sweet little girl! :)

Jeans Hemmed w/ the Original Hem

Here are a couple examples of jeans that I have hemmed...can you even tell!?

Pink & Pink....LOVE IT!

These are one of my favorite pairs that I have made!  I loved doing the flower detail and I think it added A LOT to the shoes! 

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Brown Boy Shoes

I made these out of brown bubble velour and tan cotton. They looked and felt super comfy!
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White Shoes

I made these white organza shoes to go with the dress I made.
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Girl Shoes

I loved this material and had to make a pair!
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Boy Shoes

Here is one of the first pair of shoes that I made and I think they will forever be one of my very favorite pairs!