Thursday, September 6, 2012

Snowflake Onesie Set

My sister is an awesome client of mine and allows me to be creative! She wanted a set for a friend of hers. I had these leg warmers on hand and decided to cut out some of my own snowflakes and use them for the onesie! Then I did a tulle and net bow, because it is light like a snowflake. I would love to make one of these sets for my little A...I think I better!!

Skyline Tshirt

My sister asked me to make a couple new shirts for her boys, because they had grown out of the ones I had made before! I came up with this one! The ascension on the back with the moon and ladder is a new logo I am using! I love the look of the skyline, with the drips and swirls on the bottom. They have such an awesome/unique last name, I love putting it on all of their shirts!!

Navy Onesie Set

This morning I really wanted something new for my little A cakes! I put this together real quick! I used orange stitching to add an extra little color besides the navy and turquoise! The flower was a little different than any that I have done, but I love how fluffy it is!