Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fun New Girl Projects!

This was a request for a sweet little girl that was turning 1! The theme of her party was owls, so we put this together for her! Her last name was Wise!

I had a request for a long shirt/dress that could be worn with leggings! I made 4 of these, in different color combinations!

It was my niece's birthday and I made this shirt for her. I wish I had gotten a better shot when I finished, because I put a zig zag stitch around the top, bottom, and sleeves!

This was another little girls 1st birthday! It was paired with gray baby legs. I liked it so much that I actually ended up making one for a baby shower I was going to!

This was for a baby shower gift. My client told me to go something that wasn't super girly, because the girl that was having the baby is really sporty. I figured argyle was a safe bet and added just a pop of pink! Her mom played college sports and her number was 11, so we decided to put 11 on the back!

This design has been one of my best sellers! I have made a few different variations, but I love the "grunge" look!