Monday, July 23, 2012

Super Sassy Apron

My mom wanted to get something for a lady that gave her a computer...she is such a sweet lady! We talked and decided a fun sassy little apron would be perfect for her, so I made this apron for her! She works for Sysco and is constantly involved in food, so why wouldn't an apron be the perfect gift! I love all the asymmetrical aspects! It gives it that extra edge!

Family Pictures

My sister contacted me about making some bows for her 2 girls for their family pictures! I always love making items for people's special occasions! She sent me a picture of their shirts and they were pink and green, so this is what I came up with!

Friday, July 20, 2012


I found these dish towels and thought they were super cute! My mom had asked me to make a few of these bibs for her to keep at her house for the grandkids and I knew these were perfect!

A couple fun summer skirt for little girls...

A friend contacted me that she wanted a couple fun summer skirts for her little girls birthday, because she Loves to wear skirts! I found these great fabrics and the skirts turned out super cute and comfy!

Rapunzel Dress

My cousin contacted me and all her little girl wanted for her birthday was a Rapunzel Dress! What little girl wouldn't love a princess dress?! I didn't have much time to get it done, but it turned out exactly like I wanted it! I used a heavier weight fabric, because she mentioned that she would probably be wearing every day! This isn't the best picture, and it was a bit big on her, but I think you get the idea! My little girl N did not want to take it off! It made me want to make one for her as well, but it hasn't happened yet!

Diaper Bag

My cousin contacted me to make her a diaper bag and by the time I was finished, I wanted one for myself! I made 2 big elastic pockets in the inside for diapers and wipes, 2 medium pockets, for cream, etc and a few pockets for mommy! Also I put 2 pockets on the outside for keys and cell phone, then you don't have to go digging!

Independence Day

I hadn't thought much about what my girls would wear for the 4th, but I saw these women's knee highs on sale at joann's and decided I needed them to make some leg warmers for them, even though it's Hot! I just through the rest together, but I had to share! Hopefully you are all having a great Summer!!!

Maxi Skirts

Here are a few of the maxi skirts that I have made! Maxi skirts are so comfy and so nice to lounge in, but you don't look so sloppy!

Mustard Onesie

She's making kind of a funny face in this picture, but it was the only one I had that really showed off the onesie! I found these vintage buttons at an antique shop and fell in love with them! They were the perfect addition to this onesie!

Matching Outfits for my Girls

I decided I wanted some cute matching outfits of my girls, so that I could take some pictures of them! I made them both before A was born, so N got hers for her Easter dress! I decided that A's would be her "coming home" attire! Here are a few pictures!

Blessing Dress

I finally got some good pictures of the dress I made for my daughter for her blessing! I love all the ruffles and length and fullness!! It would make a great winter dress, because it is Hot Hot Hot during the summer! We ended up taking it off of her because she was so hot!