Thursday, November 3, 2011

Simplistic Nativity Set

I just recently finished this nativity set. My friends and I decided it was time to start our Christmas craft projects and this was our first one! I still didn't have a nativity and saw this post and decided I needed to make a set!

After we finished this set of Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus....I wanted an entire set! We decided to make 3 WiseMen,

One Angel,

and 2 Shepherds with a Sheep,

We decided to incorporate twine into each item, so there was a common thread throughout the Nativity! I absolutely LOVE how this set turned out!
If you are interested in purchasing a set you can get it here at my etsy shop! Let me know if you are interested for a special discount! ;) Also, if you want to paint a set, I am selling the raw sets, so if you are interested in that, let me know as well! :)

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