Thursday, August 30, 2012


I think I say this every time I do a special project for someone....but I love doing them!! This shirt I did for my brother in law. His younger brother passed away and he is always making stuff with his initials on it. He wanted a newer PGO shirt, and I got started on a new shirt.
Top left: Front:Paul loved to read, and so I did an open book on the front and his first name.
Top right: Sleeve:I did his initials in a type writer key.
Bottom left: My logo in the back bottom corner.
Bottom right: Back: Ascension is a newer logo thing that I am using, with the ladder going to the moon. 3 was Paul's number, I decided to put some famous quotes from Harry Potter, because he loved those books!
I love tying all those things together!

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  1. That's amazing Shandi. I love the book idea! What a sweet way to remember his brother.