Friday, June 17, 2011

Fleur de Lis

I always love looking at adult clothing and making onesies and outfits that look more stylish than just the traditional baby stuff! That is what inspired these shirts! I saw the colored swirly pattern at HL and it was on SALE, which I am always a sucker for! I grabbed a few just to see how they worked...mind you that was probably 4 months ago. I tried it on a blue shirt and it didn't even show up and then when I went back and read the directions it said that it was best to use on light colored shirts! :) Reading the directions pays off sometimes! ;)

I also LOVE the image of the fleur de lis, so I did a stamp of it in black to get those layers! I love, love, love how its not a solid black image! I have a few more of the green, so look for them at my etsy shop!

I love that I posted a picture of this onesie on FB and I had 4 or 5 people comment that they would wear one of these in their size! It made me smile!

This one turned out a lot lighter than the green, but I still love how it turned out! This one was an order, so that is why the name Carpenter is on the back!

Thanks for stopping by! See you tomorrow!

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